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More than 60 years old, WUMAG presents itself as a recent, modern busi­ness com­pany which enjoys highest appre­ci­ation because of its achieve­ment poten­tial, its extensive exper­i­ences and abso­lute reli­ab­ility among all experts and all its cus­tomers in the world.

WUMAG belongs to those medium-size privately fin­anced com­panies whose cre­ativity, spe­cial­ized know­ledge and innov­atory forces provide for a con­stant adjust­ment to chan­ging market con­di­tions and pre­vent a solid­i­fic­a­tion in scler­otic structures.

Des­pite this per­manent adjust­ment WUMAG has nev­er­the­less a few unal­ter­able enter­prise prin­ciples. First ranks the oblig­a­tion to quality and inventive hand­ling of vehicle and mech­an­ical engin­eering. From this the open-mindedness res­ults which we bring to new tasks and new con­struc­tions to crit­ic­ally judge our own products again and again. There­fore our engin­eers and tech­ni­cians con­stantly work on fur­ther improve­ments according to the WUMAG slogan: 

Always a step ahead of progress!