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WUMAG TEXROLL GmbH & Co. KG (WTK) in Krefeld, Germany, is the full-service provider for engineering systems and rollers for the production and finishing of textile and non-textile webs.

Efficient energy concepts, approvals according to all essential international standards, the end product-focused equipment, as well as the smart and proven designs, give your production the necessary advantage to optimally align products to market needs.

We are looking for YOU!

Currently only available in German. Please take a look to the German page.

Applications by e-mail or post to:  or

Schoellerstrasse 164
52351 Düren, Germany


More than 70 years old, WUMAG presents itself as a young, modern busi­ness com­pany that is highly valued by all experts and it´s customers all over the world for it´s perfomance, it´s extensive experience and absolute relaibility.

WUMAG belongs to those medium-size fin­anced com­panies whose cre­ativity, spe­cial­ist know­ledge and innov­ative strengths ensure constant adaptation to changing circumstances as well as new market requirements and prevent solidification in firmly established structures.

WUMAG TEXROLL in Krefeld is a subsidiary of Carl KRAFFT & Söhne GmbH & Co.KG in Düren.

In the Center of Excellence in Krefeld we are producing the following core products

  • The #WTD
    Thin-walled Drying Cylinders for textile drying (PED, ASME and Chinese ML specifications)
  • Double-Shell Rollers with thin-walled stainless steel jackets
  • Double-Shell Large Rollers
  • The #EHD
    Elektric Heated Dryers
  • Cylinder Dryer
  • Thermofixing and Strectching Machines
  • Calender